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 "Worship My Latina Ass 4"
Special Features
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  • Shot In High Definition
  • Playable Worldwide

    In scene one, Mistress Laurie Vargas looms over you while caressing her voluptuous flesh. She spreads her pussy lips wide until her cunt engulfs you. She grabs and shakes her butt cheeks and offers her asshole to your tongue.

    Then to the bedroom where Mistress Laurie drags Slave Freddy in by his leash. With little prelude, she drops her big ass on his face... and IT IS BIG! Her wide hips and massive butt cheeks completely cover his face. She jiggles and spanks those big cheeks as Freddy drives his tongue into her anus.

    She spins around and demands he eat her wildly hairy pussy. His face nearlydisappears in the untamed pubic tangle. Repeatedly she calls him stupid and worthless, even as she moans from the pleasure he gives her. She bounces and whirls her butt on his face in repeated forward and reverse facesitting, and slaps him with her leather-gloved hands.

    She spits in his face, kicks him, and orders him to insert his cock into the steel chastity cuff. He barely manages to do so, despite the pain. Then more smothering and hole licking. Slave Freddy pants like a dog as his tongue laps faster and faster, finally driving Mistress Laurie to a loud, screaming orgasm!

    In scene two, Mistress Sandra Romaine is back in glorious, full nude POV. She whispers her wicked thoughts to you as she rubs her tan flesh and opens her holes wide. On your knees, you follow her ass as she climbs the stairs In the bedroom, sitting on the floor, Slave Freddy`s face is hidden in her butt. She grabs his hair and makes him lick her asshole as she writhes. But he can`t satisfy her... and that`s a really bad thing!

    She breaks out the chastity device. It`s designed to keep dicks small and limp. Unfortunately, Freddy`s is already hard! He screams in agony as she tries to jam his cock into the steel device. With incredible difficulty, he manages to get it locked on, the pain barely manageable. Mistress Sandra, needing to cruel, ties her bikini strap around his protruding cock head and PULLS HARD! YOW!!!Then back to more bouncing, whirling facesitting. Still craving more, Sandra pulls out the infamous FACE DILDO! She straps it onto Freddy`s face and proceeds to give the fake cock a deep and passionate BLOWJOB, before straddling his head and taking it all the way into her cunt. Freddy rapidly fucks her with the face dildo, making her scream with pleasure.

    She spins around to take the dildo doggy style. She sucks on it some more and spits repeatedly in Freddy`s face. Then she jumps back on and rides the rubber face cock until she has a very intense orgasm!

    Technical Details
    Actors Freddy Baxter, Laurie Vargas, Sandra Romain
    Certificate XXX
    Release Date 05/2014
    Screen Widescreen
    Languages English - Dolby Digital Stereo
    Duration 90 minutes (approx)

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