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 "Worship My Latina Ass 10"
Special Features
  • Scene Access
  • Interactive Menus
  • Shot In High Definition
  • Playable Worldwide

    Scene One - Down on your knees before sizzling Latina Mistress Annika Adams as she strips and taunts you in her POV. She can`t believe you actually think you`re worthy to lick her pussy, to suck her gorgeous tits. You barely deserve to lick her asshole and you`d better consider lucky that she`ll allow it.

    Later, playing with her pussy on her couch, she orders her slave to come and service her. Slave Vladi obediently lays his head on the edge of the couch and hardly has time to take a breath before he has bikini-clad Latina ass covering her face. Mistress Annika slams her crotch hard on his face, grinds and bounces, making him grunt with pain.

    She berates him mercilessly as she gets naked and smothers him with her pussy. How withers under her verbal humiliation, but does everything he can to please her. His tongue works wildly on her holes, but Annika never lets up her criticism.

    Scene Two - The hot Brazilian flesh of Mistress Monica Santiago looms over you in POV as she strips and teases you in sultry, Portuguese whispers. She plays with her huge clitoris right in front of your nose, then oils her buttocks and invites you to diver into her amazing asshole.

    Then to her Slave Jarrod, bound tight in cling wrap and sitting upside down in a chair, head pointed to the floor, feet up on the fireplace mantle. Monica plays with his immobilized body, reveling in helpless state. Then she settles in for some serious facesitting. She grinds her pussy on his mouth, makes him stretch his tongue to reach her.

    Monica`s big Brazilian buttocks engulf her poor slave`s head, blocking any hope of oxygen. She allows him brief gasps of air, before making him beg for more. Her English isn`t great, but she makes herself understood.

    Technical Details
    Actors Mistress Annika Adams, Mistress Monica Santiago, Slave Jarrod, Slave Vladi
    Certificate XXX
    Release Date 10/2014
    Screen Widescreen
    Languages English - Dolby Digital Stereo
    Duration 90 minutes (approx)

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