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U-571 DVD (Collector's Edition) (Free Shipping)

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"Gripping From Beginning To End!"

Special Features

  • Spotlight On Location: The Making of U-571
  • Feature-length Audio Commentary with Director Jonathan Mostow
  • Creating and Constructing U-571
  • Inside The Enigma
  • Britain Captures the U-110
  • A Submariner’s WWII Experience
  • U.S. Naval Archives: Capturing the U-505
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Interactive Menus
  • Scene Access
  • Review

    A U.S. Navy Captain and his crew are just beginning to enjoy 48 hours of leave when they receive word to immediately return to duty. On a top-secret assignment, they must disguise themselves as Nazis and infiltrate a severely damaged Nazi U-boat.

    Once on board, they are to steal the Nazi’s top-secret decoding device and sink the sub before the Germans catch on to what’s really happening. Their mission is more dangerous and frightening than anything they could have ever imagined, but one which has the power to turn the tide of battle.

    "U-571" is exciting!? says Newsweek. Filled with incredible explosions, raging fires and speeding torpedoes, this suspense-filled action-packed film sets a new standard for high impact entertainment and features an impressive all-star cast.

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    Bill Paxton, Harvey Keitel, Jack Noseworthy, Jon Bon Jovi, Matthew Mcconaughey, Matthew Settle, David Keith, Jake Weber


    Jonathan Mostow



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    English - DTS, Dolby Digital 5.1:

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    1 hour and 57 minutes (approx)