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 "Trample Factory"
Special Features
  • Scene Access
  • Interactive Menus
  • Shot In High Definition
  • Playable Worldwide

    High Heel Trampling! Barefoot Trampling! Nude Trampling! Ball Kicking And Ball Crushing! Head Standing! An Unbelievable Orgy Of Action! Four Gorgeous Dominant Girls Take On Four Submissive Guys In Wild, Multiple Combinations! In your face POV Scenes! Lethal spiked heels! Toe sucking! Weight guessing games! Intense head standing! Brutal ball crushing! This one has more women and more action than any other single trampling video you've seen!

    Mistress Roxetta leads off with a gleeful solo trampling of her puny slave, her Amazonian tits bouncing, her neon pedicure gouging! She's joined by steely blonde mistress Brooke Haven, and together they turn two meek co-workers into their personal stairway to hell! Brooke takes the boys to the wet factory roof, lays them out and jumps from one to the other, her taut, tanned body gleaming in the brilliant sunshine. When the boss shows up, she lays him out too and proceeds to take out her pent up aggression on his chest, groin and face. One petite blonde completely dominates three grown men!

    Back in the factory, Brooke is joined by exotic mistress shy love and they simultaneously trample the boss into submission. Furious two on one trampling! One bounces on his chest while the other stands on his head. Both girls make him suck their toes. Mistress Dillan Lauren shows up with her beefy slave and drives her bright red high heels into his chest, head and balls. When he can take no more, she replaces him with another slave and pounds him flat. Then she goes to town on both slaves, jumping from to the other. In the furious finale, Dillan is joined by Roxetta for a body crushing two on two trample. They feed off each other's lunatic energy and work themselves into a frenzy, until the slaves scream for mercy! Can you handle this much intensity!

    Technical Details
    Actors Brooke Haven, Dillan Lauren, Mistress Roxetta, Shy Love
    Certificate XXX
    Release Date 04/2014
    Screen Widescreen
    Languages English - Dolby Digital Stereo
    Duration 90 minutes (approx)

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