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 "Leep Into Thrilling Adventures The Whole Family Will Enjoy"

Special Features

  • Scene Access
  • Interactive Menus
  • Character Files: Unravel your favorite characters
  • Volume 1 Episodes:
    The Summoning The Mummy Imhotep needs the Manacle of Osiris to fulfill his quest to rule all mankind, but it’s stuck on Alex’s wrist, and only the Lost Scrolls of Thebes can remove it without destroying its power.
    A Candle In The Darkness Alex and Jonathan find a hidden chamber in the ruins of the Library of Alexandria, and it just may hold the secret to the location of the Scrolls.
    Against The Elements A clue about the Scrolls in the diary of Alexander the Great takes the O’Connells into the Egyptian desert, where they encounter Imhotep, who is also searching for the same palace.
    The Deep Blue Sea The O’Connells turn to an undersea adventurer for help in locating Minosos, an ancient sunken city.
    Eruption En route to Australia, the heroes crash-land on a small tropical island, summoning a long-dormant lava creature that pushes the local volcano toward eruption.
    Orb Of Aten Imhotep races to beat the O’Connells to New York City, where he plans a dangerous "empowering" ceremony at the Statue of Liberty.
    The Black Forest In an effort to locate the Scrolls, Weasler and Imhotep kidnap Albert Einstein, and it’s up to our heroes to save the genius before he shares any valuable information.
    The Cloud People A vision takes the family to a mountaintop in Peru, where they meet the legendary Cloud People and the Native American spirit that protects the area from outsiders.
    Fear Itself The O’Connells travel to a deserted Russian palace and come to realize that Alex has released a mythical creature that feeds on fear.
  • Review

    Leap into thrilling adventures the whole family will enjoy with "The Mummy: The Animated Series, Volume 1"!

    Based on the immensely popular movies "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns", this action-packed series features the O’Connell family - archeologist Rick, his daring wife, Evy, and their inquisitive son, Alex - and their breathtaking escapades around the globe battling the undead High Priest Imhotep and his lacky, Colin Weasler.

    Volume 1 includes 9 edge-of-your-seat episodes, plus a cool bonus feature that allows you to unravel fun facts about your favorite characters! Get ready for spectacular locations, family teamwork and exciting quests with "The Mummy: The Animated Series, Volume 1".

    Technical Details


    Jim Cummings, Thomas Dekker, Grey DeLisle, Nicholas Guest, Tom Kenny


    Dick Sebast, Eddy Houchins


    Not Rated

    Release Date





    English - Dolby Digital Stereo (2.0)

    Additional Languages



    English SDH

    Closed Captioned



    192 minutes (approx)

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