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"The Legend Continues... With New Beginning!"

Special Features

  • Games & Activities
  • Monkey See, Monkey Do: Free Tantor With An Engaging Memory Game
  • Terk And Tantor’s Jungle Guide: Take A "Misguided" Tour With Two Of The Jungle’s Funniest Escorts
  • Phil Collins Music Video
  • Backstage Disney
  • The Legacy Of Tarzan: Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how Phil Collins created new music for the film
  • Plus how the original film and Tarzan’s literary history influenced Tarzan II.
  • Tarzan’s Matter-of-Facts: Viewing mode that features facts and explains novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs’s unique ape language.
  • Review

    Experience the beginning of the legend with Disney’s "Tarzan II," a hilarious, all-new, animated motion picture.

    Terk, Tantor, and all your favorite characters are back, and they’ve brought along some new friends, in an action-packed adventure that’s sure to delight the entire family. Before he was King of the Jungle, Tarzan was an awkward young kid just trying to fit in. When one of his missteps puts his family in jeopardy, Tarzan decides they would be better off without him. His thrilling new journey brings him face to face with the mysterious Zugor, the most powerful force in the land.

    Together, Tarzan and Zugor discover that being different is not a weakness and that friends and family are the greatest strength of all. Loaded with laughs, irresistible new songs by Phil Collins, and the inspired voice talents of Glenn Close, George Carlin, and Emmy Award winner Brad Garrett, you’ll go ape over Disney’s wild, new "Tarzan II."

    Technical Details


    Voiced By: Brad Garrett, Estelle Harris, George Carlin, Glenn Close, Ron Perlman, Harrison Chad, Lance Henriksen


    Brian Smith



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    English - Dolby Digital (5.1), DTS

    Additional Languages


    Closed Captions



    72 minutes (approx)

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