Spaghetti Western Double Feature Volume 2: Last Gun & Four Dollars of Revenge Double Feature Blu-Ray (Free Shipping)

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"Two classic, rare spaghetti western features with all-new high-definition film transfers!"

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    The Last Gun (128 Mins.)

    Euro-horror film favorite Cameron Mitchell (Blood And Lace, Minnesota Clay) is a mild-mannered shopkeeper with a secret past whose quiet town is about to explode in a cloud of gun-smoke in Sergio Bergonzelli's salacious adventure yarn, The Last Gun. Considered his best western by fans and critics alike, director Sergio Bergonzelli (Fold Of The Flesh, Blood Delirium) tested the boundaries of psychosexual kink in this very early Spaghetti Western that would quickly become a lurid staple of the genre, and the trademark of his groundbreaking and visionary giallo films.

    Four Dollars Of Revenge (87 Mins.)

    From the writer of Django and The Great Silence comes an electrifying saga of power, betrayal and revenge set in the final days of the Civil War. Starring spaghetti western legend Robert Woods (El Puro, Gatling Gun/Machine Gun Killers) Four Dollars For Vengeance sets the screen ablaze with explosive shootouts, daring escapes and a magnificent spaghetti western score. Charged with heart-pumping action, tense drama, elaborate sets, lavish costumes and exceptional camerawork by master cinematographer Tino Santoni (Girl With A Suitcase, Violent Summer), Four Dollars For Vengeance is essential viewing for the fan of the spaghetti western.

    Technical Details


    Robert Woods, Cameron Mitchell, Dana Ghia, Antonio Casas, Livio Lorenzon, Angelo Infanti, Carl Mohner


    Sergio Bergonzelli, Jaime Jesus Balcazar



    Release Date


    Screen / Resolution

    Widescreen / 1080p


    English - Dolby Digital Surround (5.1) DTS

    Additional Languages





    215 minutes (approx)

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