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"A Soul Print is made up of our dreams and destiny both lived and unlived, conscious and not yet conscious. It is made up of our past, all of our yesterdays, the earliest crevices of childhood and, perhaps, even before. It is our successes and especially our failures. It is our fears, fragility and vulnerability, as well as, our grandiosity and our larger than life yearnings." -Marc Gafni

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    Using the power of ancient and modern myth along with the wisdom of his own personal experiences, inspirational religious leader and philosopher Marc Gafni reveals an extraordinary approach to living happier, fuller lives. Addressing the age-old desire to feel "connected," Gafni offers advice on how to form bonds based in truth and love by identifying our true, unique selves - what he calls our "Soul Prints."

    According to Gafni, each person has a unique Soul Print, which, like a fingerprint, marks their individuality. Once you come to know your Soul Print, you will be able to connect on a far deeper level with yourself, others and the world around you. In this insightful program, Marc Gafni explains how to find your Soul Print, how to receive the Soul Print of another, and how to share your Soul Print with those you know. These life-enriching tools will empower you to overcome loneliness and enjoy life to its fullest.

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