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Shock Labyrinth 3D Blu-Ray + DVD (2-Disc Set) (Free Shipping)

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"Can you really trust your childhood memories?"

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    Childhood friends Ken, Motoki, and Rin - estranged for years but now reunited 10 years later - are joined by the last of their group, Yuki, who has been missing since her disappearance at the House of Horrors a decade earlier. Her sudden reappearance in Rin's living-room as a frail, distraught woman, has set in motion a string of terrifying events. The group brings Yuki home, where a menacing-looking toy rabbit triggers a panic attack in Yuki and she falls down a flight of stairs.

    Joined by Miyu, Yuki's younger sister, the five quickly rush Yuki to a hospital, where something seems terribly wrong. No one is there to help them and not a patient is in sight. In the midst of the confusion, Yuki disappears. The night of terror that ensues, where Ken, Rin, Motoki and Miyu must navigate the labyrinth-like corridors of the hospital as well as their own minds, are to confront their past, unearth long-suppressed memories, and test the resilience of their sanity.

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    Ai Maeda, Suzuki Matsuo, Shoichiro Masumoto


    Takashi Shimizu



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    Widescreen / 1080p / 3D


    Japanese  - Dolby Digital Surround (5.1) DTS

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    89 minutes (approx)