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 "POV Cuckold 53"
Special Features
  • Scene Access
  • Interactive Menus
  • Shot In High Definition
  • Playable Worldwide

    Your wife talks on the phone to her friend about seeing Cuckold videos online and wanting to try the same things on you. When you get home, she sucks your cock sensually until you agree to become her creampie eating slave. She orders you to the bed, but instead of fucking you, she locks you in chastity. Later she returns from a date with loads of loads of semen dripping from her pussy. You have no choice but to kneel and lick it all out of her. Mariah brings her boyfriend home and you`re forced to watch as they fuck. They mock you as they cum again and again. She releases you from chastity and sucks your dick some more, slapping your hands away when you try to touch it. Finally she allows you to fuck her, even though she can`t even feel your tiny penis. You cum hard while she talks about how much bigger and better her boyfriend`s cock is compared to yours.

    Technical Details
    Actors Johnny, Mariah Dime
    Certificate XXX
    Release Date 11/2017
    Screen Widescreen
    Languages English - Dolby Digital Stereo
    Duration 90 minutes (approx)

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