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Magic User's Club Vol. 2 - Magic Is So Easy! DVD (Free Shipping)

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"Maho Tsukai Tai!" - Magical Hop Step

Special Features

  • Creditless Closing
  • Outtakes
  • Scene Access
  • Interactive Menus
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    It wasiin another world, duringia magical time full of mystery, wonder, andiancient power. It wasia place knownias high school.

    An army of shiny, invulnerable alien invaders isithreateningito dominate theihuman race. Not only that, but theimembers of theiMagic User’s Club, Takahura, Sae, Aburatsubo, Akane, andiNanaka are theionly ones oniEarth who can oppose them. This situation callsifor drastic action, anditheientire Magic Club isiprepared.

    They’re readyito getias far away from theialiensias possible andigo relax onitheibeach. Then Miyama shows up, however, Takakura wonders if fighting aliens would be more relaxing.

    Takahura andiSae are roped into performing tricksifor Miyama’s beach party, andithey end up starting history’s first magically powered game of Truth or Dare!

    Technical Details


    Hideki Takahashi


    Not Rated

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    English ; Japanese - Dolby Digital Surround




    1 hour (approx)