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"The Band That Redefined Independent Music History."

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Rumor has it that they still exist...

the independent rock bands that don't live for the fame, the money, or the entourage. And if they do exist, can they survive in a industry driven by corporate culture and greed without selling out?

The documentary Last Dispatch follows the final days of just such a rock band. Brad Corrigan, Pete Francis and Chad Urmston made their college band, Dispatch, into a dream come true - three regular guys, whose music touched hundreds of thousands of fans without the help of a record label or PR machine, sold out major venues, toured non-stop and hit the Billboard charts with three different albums.

Tight harmonies and diverse talents made Dispatch unique, but eventually became their undoing. Having three equal "leaders" with warring values put the band - and their friendships - at stake. After eight years together, they decide to go out with a bang - one huge, free show staged in Boston in July of 2004... which drew over 110,000 fans. This documentary captures the days leading up to the "Last Dispatch."

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Brad Corrigan, Pete Francis, Chad Urmston


Helmut Schleppi


Not Rated

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English - Dolby Digital Surround (5.1)

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81 minutes (approx)

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