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 "Interview With A Trampler"
Special Features
  • Scene Access
  • Interactive Menus
  • Shot In High Definition
  • Playable Worldwide

    Part 1: Beautiful Mistress Cory Lane is about to go to a BDSM party and she wants to test out a new slave she found on the internet, Bubba who claims he can handle any abuse she dishes out. Cory decides to test his pain threshold in every imaginable way by beginning to SLAP HIS FACE HARD repeatedly until his face is bright purple, backhanding him as well! Next, she sits on top of him on the bed and begins to SPIT ON HIS FACE continuously, telling him to open his mouth and take the spit while slapping his face even harder. (The camera angle puts you in the video at this point while she is spitting so YOU feel like you are one being spit on!).

    Cory decides she wants to cane Bubba with a Rattan Cane, so she pulls it out and begins to WHIP HIS ASS HARD with the cane, creating red stripes along his ass cheeks! After a few minutes of caning him, she then turns to the camera and begins to cane YOU! Watch her swing the rattan cane at the camera and look in your eyes while she swings the cane!!

    Cory is becoming satisfied but wants to test out Bubba`s pain threshold by spanking his ass, so she makes him straddle her lap and she begins to SPANK HIS ASS so hard, it turns bright purple! Finally, in her final test of her new slave, she tramples him with her high heels and bare feet and jumps on his stomach like a trampoline. Cory demolishes him by STANDING ON HIS HEAD with her FULL WEIGHT until she is completed satisfied he will impress her friends at the party! Incredible HOT Female Domination in this scene!

    Part 2: Mistress Cory Lane is tired of a male co-worker, Eric flirting with her and all the girls at work, so she decides to take matters into her own hands and begins to TRAMPLE him with her HIGH HEELS for what seems like an eternity! Watch her stand on his stomach, jump up and down on it repeatedly with her heels on, and bare foot! Eric thinks he can satisfy her but all Cory can do is destroy his little body with her feet and yell at him, saying We don`t want to be with a scrawny little wimp like you!!

    She stands on his head and neck IN HER SHOES with her full weight. It`s a miracle Eric can still talk after the brutal trampling Cory gives him, but he manages to mouth off some sarcastic remark which drives Cory to PUMMEL him by jumping up and down on his stomach with her heels! She crushes his dick and stands on it with her full weight, yelling that she would never want anything to do with such a wimp!

    Finally, she takes off her shoes and walks all over his body, STANDING ON HIS HEAD with all her weight again, bouncing up and down on him like a trampoline and finishing him off with some serious foot worship. Look up and see Cory`s barefoot sliding across your face as she looks down at you!

    Technical Details
    Actors Eric, Mistress Cory Lane, Slave Bubba
    Certificate XXX
    Release Date 08/2014
    Screen Widescreen
    Languages English - Dolby Digital Stereo
    Duration 90 minutes (approx)

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