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Firehouse Dog DVD (Widescreen) (Free Shipping)

20th Century Fox

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"A Fun Family Film!"

Special Features

  • Dogster Montage
  • Dog Treats featurettes: Tricks of the Trade, Stunt Dogs: Who Protects Them?, Firehouse Tour, Family Values, A Friend for Life: Dog "Shopping Tips"
  • Loft Fire: Storyboard To Screen Comparison (with optional commentary)
  • Firehouse Dog: A True Hollywoof Story
  • Fox Movie Channel Presents: Casting Session
  • Deleted Scenes (with optional commentary): Originally Scripted Opening: Animatic, Tandem Act: Deleted Scene, Pillow Wall: Deleted Scene
  • Canine Star Poster Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Review

    In this family comedy life is anything but ruff for Rex, Hollywood’s hottest canine action hero. But this top dog is about to hit rock bottom when an aerial movie stunt goes wrong and the pompous pooch finds himself lost and alone in an unfamiliar city.

    Adopted by a rebellious 12-year-old boy (Josh Hutcherson), whose troubled dad (Bruce Greenwood) commands the ragtag crew of a rundown fire station, Rex soon learns the true meaning of loyalty and friendship while performing the most heroic act of all - bringing a father and son closer together.

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    Josh Hutcherson, Bruce Greenwood, Bill Nunn, Scotch Ellis Loring, Mayte Garcia, Teddy Sears, Steven Culp, Dash Mihok, Bree Turner, Hannah Lochner, Claudette Mink


    Todd Holland



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    English - Dolby Digital (5.1)

    Additional Languages

    French, Spanish


    English, Spanish

    Closed Captioned



    111 minutes (approx)