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Dragons - Fire & Ice DVD (Free Shipping)

Lions Gate

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"Enter The Medieval CGI World Where Armies Clash And Dragons Rule The Sky!"

Special Features

  • Krystal Mode (Click On Krystal During The Movie To Reveal More Information)
  • DVD-ROM Content Feature Dragons Game
  • Trailer
  • Interactive Motion Menus
  • Review

    Long ago, the Dragons brought peace and wisdom to the world with their Crystals of Power.

    But they mysteriously disappeared, and the world plunged into a thousand years of warfare between the stern Norvagen and their archenemies, the Draigar. Two unlikely teenage allies - Prince Dev of the Norvagen, and Princess Kyra of the Draigar - come together in a desperate attempt to end the war.

    But treachery is at work, and it may already be too late. Suddenly an ancient evil rears up, and Dev and Kyra hold the fate of two worlds in their hands.

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    English - Dolby Digital (5.1)


    English, Spanish


    72 minutes (approx)