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Cyclops Blu-Ray DVD (Free Shipping)

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 "The Rise Of Cyclops... Is The Fall Of Rome!"

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    It is the pinnacle of the Roman Empire, a time of mighty gladiators, lusty women, and a ferocious one-eyed monster that slaughters those foolish enough to enter his forest domain. But the corrupt Emperor Tiberius (Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts) has a plan to please the bloodlust of the people: Capture the creature and unleash him in the arena against his condemned slaves, including wrongfully imprisoned general Marcus Romulus (Kevin Stapleton of One Life To Live).

    Now the ultimate battle between man and beast is about to begin... and Rome will taste the full fury of hell unleashed.

    Frida Farrell co-stars in this over-the-top action epic, now featuring scenes of carnage too intense for broadcast television!

    Technical Details


    Eric Roberts, Kevin Stapleton, Frida Farrell, Craig Archibald, Mike Straub


    Declan O’Brien


    Not Rated

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    Widescreen / 1080p


    English - Dolby Digital (5.1)

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    94 minutes (approx)