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 "Cuckold Fantasies 6"
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    While they lie naked in bed, she calmly dismantles the remnants of his dignity. She`s already locked his pathetic cock in a CHASTITY DEVICE and proceeds to berate him and it. In her sexy, husky voice she tells him she`s going to bring her lover over and fuck the lover in front of him. She orders Freddy to get her ready.

    Desperate to save their marriage, Freddy obeys. He tries to get her horny by first sucking her big tits, then her pussy. All the while, he tells her how beautiful she is and tries to get her to admit that she`s just kidding. Amanda gets bored of his whining and SITS ON HIS FACE. She forces him to lick her asshole and stick his tongue deep inside her.

    Freddy goes to work WORSHIPPING HER FEET and SUCKING HER TOES as she calls her lover to set up their rendezvous. She puts her husband on a leash and makes him dress her for her date, then orders him to wait on his hands and knees while until she returns.

    And when Amanda returns, she brings Super Stud DONNY LONG with her. They laugh as Freddy comes down the stairs, naked except for his metal bound penis. What did you do to him? Donny asks incredulously.

    Freddy is distraught. He thought his wife was just making it all up. I may be a bitch, but I don`t lie! Amanda says as she starts kissing Donny. She forces her husband to kiss her shoes and suck her high heels as Donny manhandles her.

    She rips Donny`s pants down, revealing his GIANT 12 INCH COCK. She makes Freddy sit and watch as she takes the huge dick in her mouth. She sucks it greedily, while telling her husband how she can`t wait to get it in her pussy.

    In POV, she tells you how much bigger and better this cock is than yours. Her head bobs as she struggles to get as much of it down her throat as she can. In the bedroom, Amanda lies back and forces her still resistant husband to lick her pussy and get it ready for a REAL MAN`s COCK! Then she kicks him away and spreads her legs wide for Donny.

    She moans as the huge cock slides in. Freddy goes back to sucking her shoe while watching his wife get pounded. She screams and writhes and never stops telling her husband how fantastic it is to be fucked by a real man. She flips over and takes it doggy style. She makes Freddy lie under her, suck her tits and watch the big cock ram her. Donny spanks her ass as he fucks her harder and faster.

    Donny lies back and Amanda climbs on top, groaning as she gently guides the massive shaft into her cunt. She bounces and grinds ecstatically while her husband sucks her tits, her foot, her knee and plays with her clit. She howls as she experiences her first of several orgasms.

    Back on her hands and knees, Donny continues to plow her. He tells Freddy he`s saved up a huge load and he`s going to get Amanda pregnant. Freddy begs him not to, but they just laugh at him. And you`re going to raise the baby, they say.

    Amanda gets the fucking of her life and has another orgasm, BITING down on her husband`s finger so hard that he screams. She smacks his shackled dick repeatedly, pulls his hair, DIGS HER NAILS INTO HIS CHEEK and screams Why can`t you be him?

    Again in POV, Amanda tells you how pathetic you and your tiny dick are. Disgusted by what a worthless loser you are, she SPITS RIGHT IN YOUR FACE! Donny flips Amanda on her back for a final pounding. Freddy begs, Please, don`t get my wife pregnant, sir! But that just encourages Donny. Amanda screams as Donny CUMS IN HER PUSSY. He blasts so hard that jism spurts back out.

    Amanda is exhausted, but still has enough energy to demand that her husband lick the massive load out of her stretched out pussy. He resists, but she grabs his head and shoves it into her twat. Freddy tries to lap it up as it smears over his face.

    She sits on his face and lets the cum drain into his mouth. Aren`t you excited she says happily. We`re going to have babies! Wickedly hot Amanda Emino getting railed out by Donny Long`s huge cock while her husband submits to utter humiliation is a cuckolding dream come true.

    Technical Details
    Actors Amanda Emino, Donny Long, Freddy Baxter
    Certificate XXX
    Release Date 08/2014
    Screen Widescreen
    Languages English - Dolby Digital Stereo
    Duration 90 minutes (approx)

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