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 "Cuckold Fantasies 11"
Special Features
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    Here we bring you an answer to the eternal question: HOW MUCH SEMEN CAN ONE STRAIGHT HUSBAND SWALLOW? Can you handle watching him eat FOUR BIG GOOEY LOADS (One being his OWN)????

    Megan Monroe a Spoiled Bratty Princess blonde with a tight young body, big tits, and hot wet pussy talks to you directly how she needs a big black cock for the day and how she is going to get her husband to go find one for her. Her husband Johnny waits for her naked, on all fours in his dark closet prison. She releases him and leads him by his LEASH to the bedroom where she explains his duty for the day.

    While making him eat her pussy, SITTING ON HIS FACE, and tormenting his tiny penis LOCKED IN ITS CHASTITY CAGE, she tells him how he must go out and get her a BLACK GUY with a BIG BLACK COCK to fuck her the way she deserves to be fucked. She tells him she doesn`t care where he finds this man (The park, a bar, the mall, etc.) as she SLAPS HIS FACE repeatedly and smacks his body and dick with a RIDING CROP. He just has to have a giant black cock today!

    She makes her husband lick her pussy and ass as she FORWARD and REVERSE FACESITTS him. After her pussy and ass are nice and wet, she sends him away to do her bidding. Later, he returns home with black stud K.R. and Megan is pleased. She asks her husband if he Checked his cock size to make sure it is at least 8 inches. She drops to her knees, rips his MASSIVE BLACK COCK from his pants and gobbles it into her hungry mouth. While she gives K.R. a BLOWJOB to remember, she orders her compliant husband to WORSHIP HER FEET and shoes and kiss her high heels while she sucks this huge cock.

    Then she makes Johnny record her sucking K.R.` cock with his cell phone video camera. She makes sure Johnny records himself saying that he wishes he could suck that big black cock with her! Megan strips and continues sucking K.R.` raging hard-on while she KNEELS ON HER HUSBAND`S CHEST. K.R. can`t control his excitement and unexpectedly CUMS IN HER MOUTH. Megan orders her husband to open his mouth as she leans over him. In one of the nastiest SNOWBALL scenes ever committed to video, she SPITS EVERY DROP OF JISM OUT OF HER MOUTH AND INTO HER HUSBAND`S!!!In the bedroom, K.R. quickly gets hard again and Megan eagerly climbs onto that HUGE BLACK COCK. Johnny obediently continues worshiping her feet and watches HIS WIFE`S PUSSY GET STRETCHED. He BEGS for her to release his teeny weenie from its chastity cage, but she refuses.

    Megan is in ECSTASY as K.R. FUCKS HER IN MULTIPLE POSITIONS. Johnny is briefly allowed to SUCK HER TITS, but not even that impresses her. Megan CUMS loudly, but no orgasm can mellow her need to VERBALLY HUMILIATE her husband. She promises to get PREGNANT with an INTERTACIAL BABY and she`ll make him raise the kid. She and K.R. laugh at the prospect of Johnny`s public humiliation. K.R. BLASTS A SECOND THICK LOAD into Megan`s pussy and Johnny is ordered to lick it out of her. Queasily, HE SUCKS UP EVERY DROP OF CUM, and makes Megan cum again herself.

    Satisfied by his obedience, Megan finally releases Johnny from his chastity cage and allows him to jerk off. He CUMS all over her stomach while SHE LAUGHS AT HIM. To his horror, she orders him to LICK UP HIS OWN CUM! Clearly sickened, still he obeys.

    Technical Details
    Actors Husband Johnny, Kris Rock, Mistress Megan Monroe
    Certificate XXX
    Release Date 11/2014
    Screen Widescreen
    Languages English - Dolby Digital Stereo
    Duration 90 minutes (approx)

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