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    Whether he’s pitching himself or the high-priced luxury cars at Turgeon Auto Sales, Joey O’Brien (Robin Williams) never lets a day go by without "doing" someone good. But Joey’s schmoozed through life on cruise control for way too long...and now he’s riding in the hot seat!

    Co-starring Tim Robbins ("The Player"), Pamela Reed ("Kindergarten Cop") and Fran Drescher ("The Nanny"), "Cadillac Man" is a non-stop joy ride of comic lunacy!

    Joey O’Brien’s got some serious troubles. A Mafioso wants his hide. The women in his life - an ex-wife, a space cadet girlfriend and someone else’s wife - are all trying his patience. And to top it off, Turgeon Auto’s inventory is priced to go - and so is he unless sales pick up.

    But just when Joey thought it could get no does! Into the showroom walks Larry (Robbins), a lunkhead terminator with an axe to grind.

    He’s not exactly looking for a new set of whitewalls. He’s loaded down with explosives and looking for the man who’s been "doing" his wife! Now in a life-or-death situation, Joey is forced to do the one thing he does best...lie!.

    Technical Details


    Robin Williams, Tim Robbins, Pamela Reed, Fran Drescher


    Roger Donaldson



    Release Date



    Fullscreen And Widescreen


    English - Dolby Digital Surround (5.1)

    Additional Languages

    French, Spanish


    English, French, Spanish

    Closed Captioned



    97 minutes (approx)

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