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"Framed. Abandoned. But Never Defeated."

Special Features

  • The Big Guns: Military Action On Film
  • Colombia Norte: On Location In Puerto Rico
  • The Rocket's Red Glare: Explosions Explained
  • The Art Of The Fall: Stunt Secrets
  • Comedy In Colombia: Bloopers & Other Relief
  • Stars With Stripes: Casting Joe & Mr. Kennedy
  • Commentaries
  • Review

    Escape Is Only The Beginning.

    In the jungles of Colombia, there's nowhere to run... a covert team of U.S. Navy SEALs to make their own solutions in this riveting and explosive new film that takes the Behind Enemy Lines franchise into bold new territory!

    Colombia is in chaos, caught in a bitter war between its government and insurgent guerillas. While on a secret mission to observe a meeting between the two factions, the SEALs suddenly find themselves framed for the murder of leaders from both sides! Now, abandoned by their own government, the group must survive long enough to prove their innocence and prevent the brutal war from spilling over the border. Starring Joe Manganiello (Spider-Man), WWE's Mr. Kennedy, and Keith David (Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil), this viscerally thrilling, action-packed sequel delivers an all-new level of excitement!

    Technical Details


    Joe Manganiello, Ken Anderson, Channon Roe, Yancey Arias, Chris Johnson


    Tim Matheson



    Release Date





    English (Dolby Digital 5.1)

    Additional Languages

    French, Spanish


    English, French, Spanish


    94 minutes (approx)

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