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Battlefield America Blu-Ray & DVD Combo Pack (Free Shipping)

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"Believe In Yourself... Believe In Your Team... Believe In The Battle..."

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    From the team that brought you "YOU GOT SERVED" comes a young Hip-Hop dance battle movie for a new generation of dance. Battlefield America takes a steady look at the underbelly of the youth battle dance culture in Long Beach, California.

    Sean Lewis, a young, charismatic, successful businessman finds himself in the mix with a bunch of disheveled misfits Bad Boys, who have virtually no dance talent. It becomes Sean s responsibility to get the kids ready for an upcoming underground dance battle. Realizing his dilemma, Sean brings aboard a professional dance instructor to help the kids with their dance moves. With Sean motivating them, The Bad Boys find the confidence to compete on the Battlefield...Where Kids Rule!

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    Marques Houston, Lynn Whitfield, Christopher Jones, Mekia Cox


    Chris Stokes



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    Widescreen / 1080p


    English - Dolby Digital Surround (5.1) DTS

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    145 minutes (approx)