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Years ago, Caleb (Jake Lacey) was a star player in a local intramural football league, bringing his team, the Panthers, to the championship against feared rivals, the Titans. When teammate and dear friend Grant (Nick Kocher) suffers a debilitating accident during the final play, the nightmare forces Caleb off the team. Now preparing to graduate college and begin an unwanted future with high-maintenance fiancée Vicky (Kate McKinnon), Caleb is panicked, looking to reclaim a life lost to professional pursuits and responsibility.

Reforming the Panthers with his idiosyncratic teammates, Caleb is enlivened by his old passion, reigniting animosity with Titans quarterback Dick (Beck Bennett) and romancing his sister, Meredith (Nikki Reed). Feeling the spirit of competition and the leadership of Grant, his now-paralyzed coach, Caleb strives to turn the Panthers into a contender, hoping to keep his secret life away from Vicky’s view.

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