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"The Midnight Horror Collection"

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    JA Bothered Conscience

    Twenty years after his father is murdered in a savage act of retribution, Lucas McGavin is left alone to preserve the twisted family legacy.


    A group of high school seniors decide to party on a secluded island prior to leaving for college . . . but the party gets bloody when they fall victim to a recently escaped, axe-wielding killer.

    Mother's Day Massacre

    When Jim Cavanaugh heads to the backwoods of New Jersey in search of his estranged mother, what he finds is not the open arms of a loving family - it's the sharp end of a hatchet . . . wielded by a demented hillbilly and his backward brother.

    Bread Crumbs

    When a group of actors head out to a remote location to film, they find that they are not alone in the woods - two strange children have joined them. But these aren't normal kids, curious about the newcomers. They're looking for new playmates. Dead ones.

    Technical Details


    Heidi Kristoffer, Adam Scarimbolo, Tyler Mickle, Macfarland Martin, Stephen Martin, Dennis Smithers, Sr., Emily Grace, Greg Travis, Covington, Robert, Marianne Hagan


    Dennis Smithers, Jr., Jeff Roenning, Mike Nichols


    Not Rated

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    Fullscreen And Widescreen


    English (Dolby Digital 5.1)

    Additional Languages

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    319 minutes (approx)

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