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A Bright Shining Lie DVD (Free Shipping)

HBO Studios

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"In war as in life, the difference between truth and deception is what a man allows himself to believe."

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    Vietnam was a devastating war. From the Communist North to the U.S. supported South, it was one nation brutally torn apart, and at the heart of it, one man.

    Lt. Colonel John Paul Vann is one of the first U.S. senior military advisers sent to Vietnam. Vann is as complex as the war itself - a husband and father who takes lovers as casually as he takes control of every situation...except one. In Vietnam, Vann finds himself fighting a war he cannot win alongside a corrupt and demoralized South Vietnamese Army.

    But what leads a man to expose the truth and sacrifice his career? To fly from a loving home to a war-torn battlefield. To turn from a soldier of strategy to a general of ruthless bombing campaigns which can destroy what they cannot defeat.

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    Bill Paxton, Amy Madigan, Eric Bogosian, Donal Logue, Vivian Wu


    Terry George



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    English (Dolby Digital 5.1)

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    English, Spanish


    118 minutes (approx)